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Ministry of Culture and Tourism specializes in the development of the art heritage

Issuing time:2019-07-30 09:28

Beijing, China, July 29 (Reporter Fang Wei) Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism introduced the "Chengyi Heritage Development Plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), and specially deployed the inheritance and development of the intangible cultural heritage of Quyi.

It is reported that at present, among the representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage, there are a total of 127 major projects in the Quyi category. In order to promote the development of Quyi inheritance, carry forward the fine traditional Chinese culture, inherit the Chinese culture, enhance cultural self-confidence, and prosper the cause of literature and art, the "Plan" requires that the national non-representative projects be the focus, and support the Quyi to perform live performances. The area where the Quyi project is rich and the audience atmosphere is strong, explore and set up the “non-legacy art bookstore”, explore the establishment of the Quyi TV bookstore, the broadcasting bookstore and the online bookstore; support the development of the folk art exhibition trade fairs such as the Majie Book Club and the Hujishu Club, and encourage And guide the Quyi project into the urban and rural tourism performing arts market.

The "Plan" proposes that, by 2025, the overall vitality of Quyi will be significantly enhanced, the status of existence will continue to improve, the characteristics of the songs will be more distinct, the inheritance team will be effectively expanded, the audience will increase significantly, and the positive role of Quyi in the construction of socialist culture will be further enhanced. fully use.

The Plan proposes to carry out investigation and evaluation, improve archive information, strengthen project management, consolidate responsibility for protection, make good project records, strengthen the use of results, expand the inheritance team, improve the inheritance ability, launch excellent works to meet the needs of the people, and support the performance of the art. Increase the frequency of practice; organize exhibition activities, prosper the art market; expand the popularization of music and expand the audience of music; support academic research, strengthen the nine major tasks of professional guidance, and require local cultural and tourism administrative departments to clarify their responsibilities, co-ordinate forces, and implement funds. Strengthen the work deployment and implementation guarantee of the Plan.

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