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"Public culture + tourism" adds a good scenery

Issuing time:2019-07-30 09:33

The third phase of the Shoucheng Tourism Sharing Conference of the Hezhou City Library in Guangxi Province was held in Hezhou Garden Expo Park on July 20th. The sharing session will go out of the library and step into the scenic spot to explore more. The realization form of the integration of public cultural services and tourism industry.

How to realize "culture + tourism" is a key task in the current cultural field. Public cultural departments and venues throughout Guangxi actively explore ways to integrate tourism and develop infiltration public cultural services. The library and cultural center are embedded in tourism content, the public service in the scenic spot is integrated into the cultural content, and the village-level public service center becomes the tourism service center... The fusion effect of “public culture + tourism” gradually emerges.

"Everyone should have a heart to explore the world. No matter which way to travel or swim, it is a desire for the world and awe of life." On the evening of May 17, a "western desert tour" The theme sharing session kicked off the Hezhou City Library Shoucheng Tourism Sharing Conference. Hezhou local tourism master “Lafayette Cat” shared with the readers a trip to the northwest of 2017.

The Shoucheng Tourism Sharing Conference is a “Culture + Tourism” brand event created by the Hezhou Library. In the third week of each month, the library invites local travel experts or enthusiasts to share their travel experiences, travel experiences and inspirational stories on travel through words, pictures, videos and stories. A journey of deserts alone, a difficult Tibetan cycling experience, a journey of coffee scent... The wonderful travel story immerses the audience in the charm of travel, and is still unwilling to leave after sharing.

"We are actively exploring and enriching the format of the sharing session, and playing the brand of 'walking the world and enjoying life'." Liu Yan, director of the Hezhou Library, said that the library plans to jointly plan with the local outdoor tourism club in August. The northwest parent-child study tour guides students into Qinghai, Gansu and other places to enjoy the beautiful scenery depicted in books such as Qinghai Lake and Thangka.

“'Walking the world and enjoying life' is a path for the integration of culture and tourism. We can explore more local tourism people, share their travel stories, and better integrate culture and tourism.” Hezhou Culture Lu Xiaoyi, deputy director of the Tourism Bureau, said that he hopes to fully explore the humanities history and folk customs culture of Hezhou scenic spots through the sharing of forms, enhance the people's awareness of civilized tourism and interest in tourism, and help build the Shoucheng tourism brand.

Scenic and cultural venues complement each other

Compared to other B&Bs in Huangyao Ancient Town, Menggong Hall adds a book of scent, and each room is equipped with antique bookshelves and books. Huangyao Ancient Town is one of the six reading demonstration sites built by the Hezhou City Library in the scenic spot. Thousands of books are placed in the rooms and public areas of the Dream House and replaced regularly. After the rest of the day, you will enjoy a book and a cup of fragrant wine, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of the ancient town while enjoying the benefits of the extension of public cultural services.

Under the background of the integration of culture and travel, the scene of mutual complementation between public cultural venues and tourist attractions has gradually increased. At the beginning of June, Liu Sanjie Cultural Impression Museum was established in the scenic spot of the "Impression·Liu Sanjie" performance theater in Yangshuo County, Guilin. After watching "Impression·Liu Sanjie", visitors can move to the museum to learn more about Liu Sanjie's culture and participate in Liu Sanjie's song doll. Experience activities. Liu Xinjie, general manager of Guilin Guangwei Wenhua Tourism Culture Industry Co., Ltd. said that the museum is a supplement to the performance of "Impression·Liu Sanjie", which can deepen the tourists' understanding of Liu Sanjie's culture and brand and enhance the tourism connotation of "Impression·Liu Sanjie".

In the Nanning People's Park, the Guangxi Natural Museum, which has been in existence for 30 years, is deeply impressed by the popularity of tourists. During the “May 1st” holiday this year, the Guangxi Natural History Museum launched the “Trilobite Story”, “Beautiful Butterfly” science popularization activities and the “Guangxi Star Dinosaur” and “Natural Guangxi” exhibitions. More than 10,000 people visited the museum every day. Family guests have become an important part of the group, and many parents have taken children to the museum for a holiday. It is reported that the museum has reached a cooperation with Nanning Park Expo Park, and will build a new pavilion in the Garden Expo Park to continue the development model of “Scenic + Museum”.

Providing cultural services to tourist villages

The idyllic scenery of the mountains and rivers, the peach gardens and persimmon forests, and the rich characteristics of the Yao people make the Jia'an Town of Jiahui Town a famous tourist village in Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County of Guilin. Every year, Pan'an Village holds a variety of cultural tourism activities such as the Peach Blossom Festival, the Moon Persimmon Festival and the “March 3” to attract tourists from all over the country.

In 2018, Chun'an Village obtained the quota for the construction of village-level public service centers. The news came that the cadres of Jiahui Town and Chun'an Village were calculated: the tourism in the village is getting more and more prosperous. How can we maximize the effectiveness of the new village-level public service center and benefit the tourists who come to Chun'an?

Entering the village of Chun'an, the newly built village-level public service center is fully equipped, not only equipped with functional rooms and stage, stadium and other infrastructures provided by the grassroots comprehensive cultural service center, but also set up tourist stations, tourist toilets, parking lots, etc. Tourist function area. "We have integrated more than 2 million yuan in various departments such as Wenlv, Sujian, Gongxin and Civil Affairs, so that the village-level public service center has become a tourist service center, a tourist product sales point and an e-commerce service point. It has improved the service quality of the tourism in Chun'an," said Wang Xingke, the mayor of Jiahui Town.

At the same time, in order to allow more tourists to stay in Chun'an, Yi Huan, deputy director of the Cultural Center of Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County, was invited to the village for training. According to the humanistic characteristics of Chun'an Village, Yi Huan arranged a Yao ethnic wedding parade performance, integrating the special attractions of Chun'an into the parade route, and reappearing the local Yao wedding customs, showing the ethnic customs of Yao wedding songs and dances, love songs singing, and sedan saloon. The promotion of tourism content and services in Chun'an Village has made tourists come to visit. During the Guilin Gongcheng Peach Blossom Festival and the Jiahui Wild Bauhinia Folk Culture Festival this year, the number of tourists in Chun'an Village reached 5,000 people/day.

It is understood that in recent years, the Cultural Center of Gongcheng Yao Autonomous County has successively delivered cultural training for tourist villages such as Hongyan Village, Dazhai Village and Sheshan Village. According to the characteristics of Gongcheng and local villages, they have tailored their singing and dancing performances. “It not only enriches the content of rural tourism, promotes the development of local tourism, but also benefits local villagers.” Yi Huan said.

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